Security Services

Every network is a potential target for a malicious attack, equally from both internal and external threats.

Since the development of modern Agile Port applications and mixed-use converged networks, traditional security devices are no longer sufficient to secure a network.

Cybersecurity is critical

The advent of the next generation, context-aware security appliance provides organisations with insight into all traffic flowing into and out of their networks.

Layer 7 traffic classification alongside device aware security gives organisations the ability to exert full control over the users, devices, content and applications in use on their networks.

Discovery, Prevention & Response

Solar Communications provides a range of unified threat management appliances combining network, Cloud and endpoint security, which prevent against cyber-attacks.

With the ability to add application-aware content filtering and in-depth intrusion detection and prevention services to your network, you can tailor a security package to meet the requirements of your organisation and your customers.