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From Ripples to Waves: How the evolution of consumer demands changed cloud communications…

If business owners have heard one phrase ad infinitum, it’s “The customer is always right”. Unsurprisingly, consumers wield a large amount of power and influence many trends across a variety of industries: cloud is no exception. Generational shifts, technological advancements, always-on mobile technology, and the rise of teleworking have made mobility a necessity across businesses […]

What is Mitel OAI?

OAI stands for Open Architecture Interface and is the API (application programming interface) for MiVoice Office 250. Besides being built on an open source operating system, MiVoice Office also supports something called Open Architecture Interface or OAI for short OAI enables the system to exchange information with almost any external software application your customer may […]

Endpoint Flags: Administrator

An endpoint can be assigned as an administrator to permit use of the administrator feature codes at that endpoint. This allows the extension/user to enable and disable NIGHT MODE, clear alarms, make database programming changes for example; changing names on phones, creating / editing system speed dials. To assign the endpoint as an administrator endpoint, […]