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From Ripples to Waves: How the evolution of consumer demands changed cloud communications…

If business owners have heard one phrase ad infinitum, it’s “The customer is always right”. Unsurprisingly, consumers wield a large amount of power and influence many trends across a variety of industries: cloud is no exception. Generational shifts, technological advancements, always-on mobile technology, and the rise of teleworking have made mobility a necessity across businesses […]

MiCloud Office versus MiCloud Business

As Mitel’s latest acquisitions continue to integrate the portfolio of cloud communications products is certainly expanding exponentially. What I’m personally really liking is their commitment to being the world’s largest cloud phone provider. Mitel has always been one to watch and more recently since CEO Rich McBee took the throne it’s an exciting time to […]

#POW! MiCloud Office hits the UK

We’re all very excited over here at Denwa this January, we’ve been waiting patiently for the official launch of Mitel’s new cloud communications platform, MiCloud Office. Hosted fully in Mitel’s geo-redundant Cloud hosting facilities, MiCloud Office is set to compete directly with likes of Broadsoft Broadworks and other similar cloud phone services and is priced […]

Mitel OIG Setup Guide

Hey there! So you’re looking to integrate your software applications with your Mitel telephone system? Great! Mitel have a product known as Mitel Open Integration Gateway (Mitel OIG) which is essentially a developers haven for interfacing to the phone system. Software developers can do all sorts of fun stuff like; Call Control – click to […]

Product Bulletin: Mitel to release MiVoice Business Express Release 7.0 in Jan 2016

Great news! Mitel have announced the release of their new MiVoice Business Express version, R7.0! Available in January you’ll get all the new features and improved interface that MiCollab 7.0 got very recently. So if you’re running an express model (up to 500 users) contact us for more information and a quotation for the upgrade. […]