Tag: Unified Communications

The VoIP Revolution

In the business world, direct and uninterrupted communication with clients and customers is arguably the most critically important factor in safeguarding a company’s interests and more fundamentally; profits. With this in mind it is perhaps understandable that some may have reservations about switching to a mode of communication they feel they know little about. VoIP […]

Solar mini guides series: How to introduce new technology

Introducing new technologies into your organisation has the potential to revolutionise the way your business operates and how your employees work. The benefits are far reaching, from efficiency gains, to increased productivity and even boosting sales for fast growth. But it is not without its issues. New research carried out among 500 business decision makers […]

Solar mini guides series: How to simplify IT

Changing the IT infrastructure at your organisation can seem like a daunting and risky task, but if you’re able to simplify IT, the benefits can be incredibly compelling. “Simpler IT” means different things to different parts of the business. Crucially, the phrase does not mean making IT more simplistic and less feature-rich — rather, making […]

You Can’t Ignore BYOD For Much Longer

For a long time, businesses resisted the opportunity for employees to use their own mobile devices. And yes, there were several good reasons for companies to be cautious about the idea. Historically, smartphones were easy targets for hackers, and users sometimes underestimated how catastrophic the consequences would be. It was far easier to distribute mandatory […]