Photo booth, buffet food, pub quiz, karaoke…sounds like a pretty good company strategy day to me!

Here at Solar we really value our team, that’s why we’re always investing in social and educational development. We took two days out to update our fantastic team on our company strategy and future plans.

We hosted our company strategy day at Tiger Tiger Manchester, holding a series of talks; hearing about the need for world class service and the adoption of Disruptive Technologies and the opportunity to deploy them.

We then entered a discussion into the security and regulation changes regarding cyber security and GDPR. It’s essential to keep our team up to date on all industry news and new emerging technologies.

After a long day of listening intently, we treated our team to an evening of fun! Talks were followed by team bonding sessions and an evening celebration, consisting of a pub quiz, karaoke and even a photo booth.

The following day, we gathered our whole team at our Salford offices and hosted our very own partner expo. All our strategic partners attended, including ShoreTel, Silver Peak Rubrik and Talk Talk; giving our team the opportunity to get involved, learn more and ask any questions.

We then gathered for a sales update and (another) buffet lunch. The final message to our team was about how we are now in the perfect position to help our customers with their Digital Transformation.

After a fun filled couple of days of learning, socialising and most importantly, team bonding, we can honestly say we’re feeling the benefits. We feel that we’re a stronger team now than ever before and looking forward to our future successes.