Action Claims is a family owned and managed business, offering a comprehensive selection of accident management services and legal expense insurance policies to brokers, insurance intermediaries and their customers.

Founded just before the turn of this century, the company has grown rapidly thanks to its reputation for efficiency, top quality customer service and an ability to reduce the stress experienced by clients – much like Solar Communications.

The telecoms specialist was tasked with seamlessly turning an outdated, unreliable and poorly-supported call centre system into one which would meet the current and future needs of Action Claims and its many clients.

As an emerging force to be reckoned with in the accident management marketplace, Action Claims prides itself on the high level of service it offers to its broker and insurance clients.

Unfortunately, an ageing and temperamental telephone system was a potential threat to the company’s impressive reputation, giving Action Claims’ staff limited support – and its management a big headache.

Call Centre Manager Sally Knight explained:“Our old system was not only out of date, it also offered no potential for expansion and just didn’t give us the kind of detailed management information that we need to run an efficient call centre. It was time for a change.”

Taking action

Solar Communications was recommended by a mutual business contact who had been impressed by Solar’s products and staff experience. Although Action Claims also considered several competing tenders, it was Solar’s understanding of the business, extensive product knowledge and a sophisticated new Mitel 5000 telecoms system – without a sophisticated price – that won through.

Sally Knight said: “Of course we were looking for the right system, but it was also very important to us that we felt totally confident in our supplier.

We were completely reassured by the Solar technicians’ knowledge and experience, and their willingness to respond so quickly to our initial queries and follow-up questions. And, of course, we were excited by the functionality promised by the new system, and happy with what was a very reasonable price.”

One seamless operation

Action Claims’ excellent reputation is based on the premise of efficiency, transparency and helpfulness. Some of their many testimonials include: “…impressed with your professionalism and seamless service”; “…puts us at ease knowing that our clients will be dealt with professionally and efficiently”; “The service was fantastic. Very prompt action was taken”; and: “Our confidence in the uninsured lost recovery market has been restored by your excellent service.”

It was vital that the installation of the new system would not disrupt the availability or efficiency of Action Claims’ call centre staff either during or after the changeover.

Just like Action Claims, the Solar team is dedicated to meeting client needs and planned the installation with almost military precision over a single weekend.

First, the old equipment was removed and sub-standard cabling was replaced or enhanced as necessary; then the new Mitel system was installed, including around 70 new IP phones which were linked seamlessly with PCs, enabling the functionality of the system to become “live”.

Reporting for duty

Monday morning arrived and Action Claims staff arrived at work to a vastly improved call centre system that allowed them to provide an even more efficient and effective service to both long-standing and new clients. Some of the new time-saving features included an intuitive PC interface and advanced on-screen call and speed-dial controls, call history and missed-call tracking – not to mention colleague status viewers, “do not disturb” commands and the ability to personalise the screen interface.

The management team were even more delighted with the new system: Callview is one of the most flexible, powerful reporting systems for Call Centre operations. Teamed with the Xarios Phone Manager application, it provides an almost endless choice of reporting functions, enabling a call centre manager to focus on specific performance indicators, select reporting frequency and parameters, identify strengths and weaknesses and ultimately improve the performance of the entire call centre operation.

Sally Knight enthused: “I love the new reporting package! I now have access to real-time displays and can prioritise calls according to staff availability. This reporting system has exceeded my expectations – it is extremely user-friendly, meaning that I can tailor the frequency and content of the information according to my needs. The system as a whole has definitely enabled us to meet our clients’ needs even more efficiently than before.”

Moving on

Often, the real measure of a company is how it reacts under pressure and Solar had a further opportunity to prove its commitment to Action Claims. Solar had established a post-installation help desk, providing solutions to software or operational queries about the new system. However, the team was soon called upon to address a bigger, unconnected threat: a technical issue involving Action Claims’ existing servers.

Undeterred, Solar resolved the problem very quickly and, moreover, trained Action Claims’ staff in how to deal with similar glitches in the future.

› Sally Knight concluded: “I am more than delighted with both the system and the service we have received from Solar. The company’s ethos reflects our own and I cannot fault their performance throughout our business dealings. In the short term we are considering an upgraded server to maximise our IT functionality and, thanks to the ongoing growth of our business, an office move is likely later this year.

Whichever route we take, I have no doubt that Solar will play a significant part in ensuring that Action Claims’ reputation for the very highest standards of customer service remains untarnished.”