Author: Elliot Dacosta

Team Solar Conference

Photo booth, buffet food, pub quiz, karaoke…sounds like a pretty good company team strategy day to me! Here at Solar we really value our people, that’s why we’re always investing in social and educational development. We took two days out of the office to update our fantastic team on our company strategy and future plans. […]

Club Solar VIP Golf Event 2017

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer, an enthusiast or just want to get a day away from your desk, take the opportunity to meet the Solar team on the Mere’s Championship course at our golf event. Play, dine, unwind and network at what promises to be a great day for all. Date: 4th July 2017 Location: […]

Window security updates for ShoreTel

Following the recent global ransomware attacks, Solar in partnership with ShoreTel  has been testing and clarifying which Microsoft patches should be applied to servers running ShoreTel software.   For servers running any release of ShoreTel ST14.2 or ShoreTel Connect Onsite, ShoreTel’s recommendation is that one of these two patching schedules is applied: The patches located […]

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid: which cloud is best for you?

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid: which cloud is best for you? Are you considering the benefits and risks of a cloud- or premises-based solution, looking at the fundamental requirements for each system, or how to measure ROI? Here’s some guidance on the information available to you, evaluating what your business needs are, and analysing what solution is […]

From Ripples to Waves: How the evolution of consumer demands changed cloud communications…

If business owners have heard one phrase ad infinitum, it’s “The customer is always right”. Unsurprisingly, consumers wield a large amount of power and influence many trends across a variety of industries: cloud is no exception. Generational shifts, technological advancements, always-on mobile technology, and the rise of teleworking have made mobility a necessity across businesses […]

Is your business ready?

In light of the global cyber-attack this weekend, there is still an impending threat of yet more ransom attacks coming to light today as workers turn their computers back on after the weekend. Europol has confirmed that the number of attacks is still rising, with NHS being one of the worst-affected companies. Over 200,000 computers […]