Author: Jason Evans

Nimble Storage Meeting the Needs of the Modern Datacentre

The growth of virtualization and server consolidation has compounded the need for storage to simultaneously deliver superior performance, increased capacity, and simplified data protection. Traditional storage architectures are unable to comprehensively meet these demands. The US Company Nimble Storage founded by and led by storage industry veterans, recognised this growing gap in the marketplace and […]

Optimising the Cloud with a Virtual WANop Appliance

Enterprise cloud deployments are growing in popularity, but the wide area network (WAN) is often overlooked as more applications and data are moved into the cloud. Unlike hardware-based WAN optimisation, Virtual WAN optimisation makes it easy to optimise application and data access between enterprise data centres, the cloud, and branch offices. Silver Peak’s VX appliances (Virtual […]

IPv6 Moving from Vision to Roadmap

Courtesy of David Hughes, Silver Peak Systems Inc. There are some perennial IT trends that crop up each year about this time, and in networking, IPv6 always seems to be in the mix.  Well, after many years, I think IPv6 is moving from a check-box item which “I’ll promise to do one day,” to being […]