Author: Neil Tennant

Viva la VoIP: Five good reasons to switch to VoIP in 2014

How many of us would willingly refuse an offer that promised to deliver a superior quality service at a heavily reduced cost? Chances are, not many! As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies continue to evolve, more and more customers are choosing to abandon their traditional phone systems altogether and invest in this ground-breaking, money-saving […]

BT Legacy switch-off could devastate UK businesses

As the switch off date for BT’s legacy broadband products draws nearer, many businesspersons throughout the UK are concerned about the potentially devastating effects this cancellation could have on their company. Having gradually wound down coverage of their 20th Century Network (20CN) service over the last several years, it is reported that May 31st will […]

Fibre up or clock out, why no business should be left on regular broadband

Communication is crucial in business, so why limit it? Your broadband connection determines the overall success of your company, and fibre broadband guarantees to open up a number of revolutionary and exciting ways to connect with both new and existing customers. Delivering a high-capacity connection with speeds unlike anything you will have experienced on a […]