Author: Neil Tennant

BT Announce Major Breakthrough in Fibre Broadband Speeds

Some exciting times lay ahead for thousands of BT Broadband customers as the telecom giants announce a major breakthrough in their fibre broadband service which could see businesses and homes receive speeds of up to 1Gbps! When trialling the aptly named ‘G-Fast’ technology at their research laboratory in Adastral Park, Ipswich, BT confirmed download speeds […]

The mysteries of VoIP unraveled

VoIP stands for ‘Voice-over-IP’ and is a new(ish) business telephone service that uses internet based lines, as opposed to the conventional digital telephone lines, such as ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) lines. Because VoIP uses the internet, a good internet connection is required for a good real-time voice connection with minimal latency. More and more […]