PIMMS Data Sheet

Solar Communications Proactive Integrated, Management & Monitoring system (PIMMS) Data Sheet

Customer Service Document

Your first point of call- all customer service related enquiries can be found in this ...

Chargeable Moves Adds and Changes 2018

Our comprehensive list of chargeable Moves Adds and Changes (MACs) explained in detail here

Customer Complaints Procedure

If you'd like to raise a complaint for any reason, this document outlines all you ...

eBook: Complete Guide to SD-WAN

Cost reduction, improved performance, improved security and reduced complexity. If you're  considering SD-WAN or you ...

Whitepaper: Planning Your Transition To The Cloud

Migration to the cloud seems like an almost forgone conclusion in business, it is not ...

why you should consider a cloud phone system

Whitepaper: Why You Should Consider A Cloud Phone System

There are a variety of reasons why people are increasingly choosing hosted telephony solutions and ...

10 reasons for hosted business telephony

eBook: 10 Reasons For Hosted Business Telephony

If you are trying to build a business case for cloud and are struggling to ...

Onboarding New Technology

Infographic: Onboarding New Technology

Whether it is laziness or fear, we understand it is always daunting adopting a new ...

10 vital signs that cloud is right for you

eBook: 10 Vital Signs That Cloud Telephony Is Right For You

No two businesses are exactly the same. This might seem obvious but this is why ...

Hidden Costs of On-Prem Phone Systems

Infographic: The Hidden Costs Of On-Premises Phone Systems

Your current phone system could be costing you a lot more than you realise, and ...

How To Reduce Communication Costs

eBook: How To Reduce Communication Costs

One of the key benefits, and main businesses drivers for cloud adoption are the cost ...

eBook: Data Management Is The Future For Cloud

According to Forbes, more data has been created in the past two years than in ...

eBook: The Complete Guide to SD-WAN

The SD-WAN market is set to at least double in the next 3 years, with ...

Statement of Works Form 2018

Change Management Checklist - Outlining details of Chargeable Works, Impact And Times

Customer Change Management

To understand the change management process we undertake, please see this document

Change Management Engineering

View the engineering change management process, including Statement of Works, here