Cable Testing

Safety and performance are two of the most critical requirements for any electrical system and it’s no different with network cabling.

75% of network faults are due to cabling not being tested properly during installation. At Solar, all of our CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a and CAT7 structured cabling and fibre optic installations are completed by certified engineers with full test reports and guaranteed with a 25-year warranty.

Fluke Testing

We carry testing and certification equipment from leading manufacturers, ensuring your copper and fibre installations meet certified standards, perform to specifications, support business-critical applications and guarantee complete end-user compliance.

We use Fluke installation testers for various types of tests:

Fluke installation testers can be used to perform an insulation-continuity test, which is designed to diagnose and prevent the breakdown of the insulation in various parts of the electrical system such as wires, transformers and motors. The quality of insulation is critical to assure proper, uninterrupted and safe functioning of electrical circuits.

We check the proper functioning of residual-current devices (RCDs). RCDs are designed to disconnect quickly to mitigate the harm caused by electric shock and to avoid current leaks that may lead to fire and other dangerous situations.

Detailed Reports

Good quality insulation, a properly working grounding system and active protection assure the safety of people, electrical systems and buildings, and protect against electrocution, fire and other equipment damage. We’ll provide detailed reports detailing how our cabling meets the highest standards.