End to End Fibre Systems

With our in-house team of project managers and fibre optic engineers covering the whole of the UK, we’re able to offer complete design, installation, testing, repairs and maintenance of all standard fibre optic cabling systems.

From equipment connectivity in data centres, “fibre to the desk” where maximum bandwidth and speed is essential, to high-speed backbones in campus environments, Solar can provide a complete range of optical fibre networks for all applications.

Fibre Network Services

Our experienced team of project managers can provide free site surveys, consultation and no-obligation quotes to help you build the best fibre solution for your business environment.

  • Optic fibre
  • Project management
  • Single-mode fibre OS1 and OS2
  • Multi-mode fibre OM1, OM2, 0M3, OM4 and OM5
  • Terminating and testing
  • Repairs and Splicing
  • Free, no obligation site survey
  • Warranty and maintenance

Service Features

  • Fibre is able to carry voice and data over longer distances, and at greater speeds than standard copper cabling.
  • Fibre is not affected by electromagnetic interference.
  • A single fibre run can be made up to 2km!
  • Our engineers are fully qualified in fusion splicing.
  • Splicing is carried out using a top of the line Fujikura fusion splicer.
  • All work is fully tested and certified upon completion, with industry-leading Fluke cable certifiers.