About Higgs and Sons

Higgs and Sons is one of the largest law firms in the West Midlands and is trusted by thousands of clients to protect their interests. They have a long and rich history spanning back over 140 years and during this time they have grown in size as well as the number of different industries and sectors they can support, ranging from agriculture, to commerical, to personal and everything in between. Due to the nature of the work staff need to be available at all times, offering advice and support whenever it is required and it is this commitment that has allowed them to go from strength to strength as a business.

We take a pride in the quality of our work and every way in which we present ourselves. Our clients should expect the highest possible standards. We will agree our standards and never let them slip. We should expect the best from each other.

Solar’s honest, open attitude coupled with technical expertise and product knowledge ensured a trouble-free deployment”

The Challenge

Although the firm built its reputation on high levels of customer satisfaction, its ageing telephony system meant clients often ended up calling a ‘round robin’ of phone numbers to reach partners; limiting its ability to interact effectively with customers and staff.  They needed a new system that could be implemented seamlessly, which offered scalable functionality for future expansion. 

The Solution

The firm identified the ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) system as the most appropriate solution, opting to consolidate communications across its offices, enhancing remote access, and ensuring that client inquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively. The solution enabled:

Improved customer service: advanced calling options, including caller ID name and number, enabled calls to be pre-screened and routed to the appropriate person.

No loss in business: Higgs & Sons users are now able to retrace missed calls. Voicemails can be accessed locally, using a telephone or PC, or remotely via telephone or computer connections, ensuring users can follow-up with missed calls, irrespective of their location.

Optimised remote working: mobile access offers remote or mobile employees the same communications tools and integration with Microsoft Outlook as though they are at their desk phone.

Avoiding downtime: The system is a completely distributed, scalable solution layered on the IP network with no single point of failure—offering Higgs & Sons the 99.999 percent (five-nines) availability required for mission-critical operations.

Flexibility and scalability: By leveraging all voice calls over IP Higgs & Sons has simplified communications across the company. The system lets the IT staff move and manage numbers across the organisation, and scales easily as the company continues to grow.

Taking back control

Higgs & Sons has ultimate control of its phone system and a solution suited to its business needs.

Integrating staff across Higgs & Sons offices has simplified internal communications and ensured the firm offers the personal service demanded by its clients.

We have witnessed increased productivity of our employees as a result of receiving full remote access to calls, voicemail and email services. Staff are no longer afraid of missing important client calls if they step away from the office. Everyone has access to the same capabilities whether they are at their desk, at home or with a client”

Stephen Brown, IT Director

Why Solar?

Solar Communications ensured the installation was performed smoothly, meeting with Higgs & Sons on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of the project.

Solar’s honest, open attitude coupled with technical expertise and product knowledge ensured a trouble-free deployment. Due to the size of this project, the implementation was complex and Solar was invaluable in guiding us through the different phases, overcoming any issues that arose.

Stephen Brown, IT Director

The new system is both intuitive and easy to use, we have quickly adapted to the new system and are able to make full use of all its features without the need for any specific technical knowledge.

Helen Hill, Head of Front of House