Solar helps MatrixAPA improve productivity and easily share information Asia Pacific Accessories (APA) are a Hong Kong based sourcing company that offers a complete supply chain solution for a variety of product requirements.

Established in 1997, APA has experienced 10 years of successful trading where they have built an excellent reputation with their clients by eliminating all the risks involved with Asian sourcing.

They specialise in high-risk and complicated product categories; most notably, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Toys and Baby products Clients include well-known brands such as ‘The Body Shop’. ‘Wella’, ‘NEXT’ and ‘Marks & Spencer’

MatrixAPA have their European sales office in London and here clients are able to work closely with APA and its partner companies based in Asia.

Working to tight timescales, clear, concise, accurate and timely communications are a key driver of success for any project that MatrixAPA undertakes.

MatrixAPA needed to hold a significant number of ‘face-to face’ meetings to ensure requirements were clearly communicated between client and supplier. Email or telephone conversations could easily be misunderstood and the impact would be disastrous, with incorrect product details, missed deadlines etc. As a result, frequent travel between Europe and Asia was required by MatrixAPA personnel. This incurred significant expense and impacted the day-to-day business whilst key personnel were away from the office.

MatrixAP required a solution that would provide high quality, cost effective, video and audio conferencing with the ability to display computer based information quickly and easily. Conversations could be held whenever required and documents and other data could be easily shared, modified and agreed between clients and suppliers. The quality of service and project management delivered by MatrixAPA would be maintained whilst travel costs would be very much reduced.

After evaluating products from a variety of suppliers it was clear that the LifeSize® Communications video conferencing solution, supplied by Solar Communications Ltd, was by far the most feature rich and cost-effective. A flexible, cost effective range of products was offered that could be used
with individual PC’s, in Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms. The products would also interoperate with legacy products from other manufacturers, invaluable when working with a large number of clients and suppliers.

Conferencing quality was a key requirement and the LifeSize® Communications products were able to deliver HD (High Definition) quality video conferencing using just 768KB of bandwidth.

This made the solution extremely cost effective to deploy, indeed, to maximise conferencing quality whilst minimising cost LifeSize® uses a patented technology that adjusts to the available bandwidth within a call.

Designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as a telephone the LifeSize® products are easy to use and manage. Conferences between one or more parties can be quickly established and this has encouraged and supported the collaborative way of working for which MatrixAPA is recognised.

MatrixAPA was able to improve productivity. Information could now be shared easily and accurately and decisions made quickly. The business experience for clients, suppliers and MatrixAPA has been extremely positive and the conferencing system is now an integral part of their business process. It provides real value and competitive differentiation for them.

When combining reduced travel costs, increased productivity and low-bandwidth requirements a simple return on investment calculation has shown that the system has paid for itself within a very short timeframe.

Charlie Bradshaw, Managing Director says ‘We have been delighted with the LifeSize® system and the support and knowledge displayed by Solar Communications. Since implementing the system we have been able to significantly reduce our travel expenditure. the system paid for itself within 6 months and travel expenditure savings of over £35K per year have been achieved. The system is now a critical part of our day-to-day operations.’