Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN

The Cloud is driving change in Enterprise WAN Traffic patterns, with an increasing percentage of critical business applications being delivered via the Internet. Legacy WAN services, such as MPLS and P2P, are not well suited to Internet destined traffic patterns, leading to poor application performance and end user experience. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN enables the use of cost-effective Internet connectivity, for both SaaS and Enterprise applications, delivering enhanced security and increased application performance and control.

The 'Self-Driving' WAN

Enabling UK and International businesses to reduce the cost and complexity of building a WAN by leveraging broadband to connect users to applications.

  • Dynamic Path Control – Real time traffic direction over any broadband or MPLS links
  • WAN Hardening – Edge-to-edge data security with 256 bit AES encryption
  • Path Conditioning –  Ensures private line performance over the public internet
  • Cloud intelligence – Real-time updates on the best path to reach SaaS applications

Simplifying the WAN Edge

Silver Peak gives businesses the flexibility to securely connect users to applications via the most cost-effective connectivity available.

With Solar SD-WAN solutions, customers can augment or replace MPLS networks with secure broadband Internet connectivity, dramatically reducing WAN costs and complexity.

Connectivity for The Cloud Era

Customers benefit from unprecedented levels of visibility, control and security over all traffic traversing the WAN, whilst improving application and network performance. With Silver Peak, sites can be rapidly and non-disruptively extended, moved, or changed as business demands evolve.

The Complete Guide to SD-WAN

Since the term ‘SD-WAN’ was coined, an array of technology vendors have ‘developed’ some form of SD-WAN capability. With the number of SD-WAN offerings in the marketplace, it has become difficult to select solutions worthy of investigation. In a bid to help navigate the SD-WAN landscape, Solar have developed ‘The Complete Guide to SD-WAN’, which covers the following topics:

  • What is SD-WAN?
  • Business Drivers for SD-WAN Adoption
  • How to Determine if SD-WAN is Right for your Buisness
  • Roadmap for SD-WAN Adoption

Click here to download The Complete Guide to SD-WAN

The Complete Guide to SD-WAN