Business Continuity

Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions help you to maintain constant access to your communications services, allowing you to conduct business-as-usual tasks with your clients, staff and partners, whether that be voice capabilities to your contact centre and staff, email, corporate applications, Cloud based CRM or HR systems.

In some cases, the non-availability of these mission critical services renders your business unable to trade and may have a significant detrimental impact on your reputation, profitability and future business, as well as on your staff morale.

Solar’s bespoke solutions eliminate these fears, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Disaster Recovery Planning

At Solar, we recognise your reliance on mission critical services being ‘always on’ and as a result here at Solar we design and build our solutions to minimise any disruption to your business operations and your clients, by considering inherent business continuity in every element of our solution.

Solar solution architects will work with you to understand the criticality of your individual services, helping to quantify the cost of non-availability and design a service that meets your needs within the budget available.

Maximum Resilience

Our solutions allow your staff to work securely from any location, maintaining the high quality connection that you would get in the office. This enables you to run a highly efficient and successful remote workforce.

This flexibility provided by our modern communications solutions allows you to keep your business running smoothly even when problems or disruptions may occur.

Solar employs best practice to ensure our own business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities are robust in all areas. This is recognised by international industry bodies; awarding Solar various ISO accreditations for security, service management and strong business processes.

Security Assessments

Our security services extend to network reporting. We can provide a one-time IT security assessment, or a regularly-scheduled managed security service.

Our Security assessments help identify any potential areas of risk in your business providing essential insight and actionable recommendations to help you in your fight against cyber crime.

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