Our Storage Solutions

Your data is a critical resource, without it you can’t survive, however, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Helping you create a Cloud compatible, readily available and scalable data storage solution is our primary objective. We work with some of the best partners to design and deliver a solution that fits your needs.

As well as access to your data, our solutions ensure it’s secure so worst case scenario, can always recover your data.

Scalable and Reliable

Flash arrays are fast becoming the technology of choice for enterprise storage requirements needing high performance access. Intelligent storage systems give you the ability to move workloads to cheaper storage options based on their performance requirements.

All these solutions are designed in order to be scalable and reliable, ensuring your data is always available. Furthermore, they are self-aware and optimise the data stored to remove duplication and have high levels of compression.

Advanced analytics is a key feature of today’s storage solutions, making sure they are future-proof. Advanced however, doesn’t mean hard to use. You can be sure your arrays are in the best condition and readily available.

Fast Access to your Data

Our storage solutions will deliver fast access to your data, whilst also controlling the expansion of data through the use of advanced compression techniques. In doing this it minimises both the storage requirements and waste by using de-duplication technologies.

You can easily maintain your storage system too, meaning a low maintenance burden for your IT staff.

Our storage solutions give you the ability to securely store your data, scale it as you need to and enable disaster recovery. We will assess your needs and recommend the best unique solution to solve all your storage challenges.