Wireless Networks

Wireless forms a major part of most of today’s networking installations with the demand for connectivity to mobile devices and applications ever growing. 

The installation of a wireless networking system has proven to help businesses become more efficient, access information more easily and provides staff with access to a host of useful collaborative technologies across the entire company.

Whether you are in the very first stages of WiFi network design or require an in-depth survey of your wireless environment, we are here to help.


We install multiple wireless access points covering whole buildings, as well as wireless bridges that link separate buildings with a high-speed link. Our partnerships with Ruckus Wireless ensures that we deliver the highest quality hardware which provides an extremely robust wireless network for your business.

With our specialist software, we can offer a survey of your premises for true wireless coverage and provide reports after install to check and guarantee coverage.

Our post-installation survey will help to identify whether or not the expected level of coverage has been achieved, that all hardware has been mounted correctly and has been configured for optimum performance.